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Standard Test Pointer Instruction

First ,Standard test pointer( test B)


Standard test refers to meet the requirements of IEC 61032 & GB 16842 standard, used to simulate the arm in the IP protection test, mainly used for IP protection grade test of the first characteristics number 2, and additional letters B test; In prevent close to the dangerous parts of the test requirements, type B test sample stick needs to take 10 + 3 N thrust; Other requirements refer to the relevant standards.

Second, the method of application

1.as shown, standard test refers to the joint part of the inability to touch the live parts or close to the dangerous parts, and50 mmto20 mmdamper cannot enter.

2. keep close to the dangerous part test requirements, type B test core sampler needs to take    10 ± 3 N thrust. Not with thrust products please cooperate to push tension gauge to use.

3. in against electric shock testing, need connection and configuration of power, indicating device: determine whether ground wire (3), open the tested products`power switch , and exert corresponding thrust.

Third, matters need to pay attention to:

test rod is a precise stainless steel product, when using it,pls handle it with gently, pay attention to maintenance.

Size 41 sonde


41 sonde is to meet IEC61032 & GB16842 standard requirements, in the test it is used to simulate the human body to touch hot parts or hot parts of the test.

Second, methods of application

1.as shown: 41 bar of metal part cannot touch hot parts or hot parts.

2.Impose a certain pressure, size 41 bar of metal part cannot touch hot parts or hot parts.

Notice: matters need to be attention as follow:

 41 sonde is a precise stainless steel product, when using it,pls take or handle it with care,and  pay attention to maintenance.

    Standard:       IEC 61032 IEC 60061 IEC 60335 IEC 60529 IEC 60068 IEC 60695 VDE 0620 UL AS/NZS3112
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